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Thursday, September 25, 2014

MOM / Mangalyaan ( मंगलयान ) .. First images .. annoying , unprofessional haste

MOM /  Mangalyaan   ( मंगलयान )  was  launched in Nov 2013 and was inserted in Martian orbit around 2 AM  UT on 24th Sept2014 at about 500 kms from Mars' surface.  and it took 1st image @ 4 AM UT.

( There are a few assumptions/deductions based on orbital analysis ..  not substantiated from ISRO )

1st image ( prepared in an un-professional haste for some tom tom moments )  and  published is given below.

Caption says it is from 7300 kms height and has a spatial resolution of 376 m.

A small orbital study for 7300 kms height of MOM gives following.

1. MOM was inserted in orbit @ 2 GMT and 1st image is dated 24th so it has be in the same orbit ..  so must be immediately after insertion i.e. about 4 AM GMT.

2. Using NASA Eyes app, a possible sub-satellite point on Mars's surface has been drawn in the next image. It has been pointed with a blue line at top-middle.

Geographical name of this area is best left to the experts' deduction.

A few observations:

The hastily obtained image has to be just a raw
image devoid of any corrections : Geometric or optical.

It can't have geometrical corrections because you can't determine the orbit ( That too about Mars .. something for the first time for ISRO scientists ) within 2 hours after insertion dynamics.

Optical corrections not possible because the payload is yet to be calibrated and look up tables are yet be prepared.

Moreover the craft @ 7300 kms is fast receding away so image has to have 'camera shake' effect unless taken care of through software route.

It follows therefore that the image has to be annoying even to the naive eyes.

WE ARE SURE THAT WE WILL NOT DELIVER A 2nd  GRADE MISSION BUT ..  we could have published at least the first image after all the system has been aligned.

And that exactly has happened ..  for no reason people are tongue in cheek ( although not laughing out ,,  yet ) .

They could have waited at least for the completion of one orbit and then obtained an image and published after some corrections ( at least attitude related ).


BAD PR ISRO ,  very bad.

1 comment:

  1. I think you have to revise your interpretation and opinion because :
    The image is not a blurry image but being photographed through a dust storm.Look at the plumose streaks and compare to other images of the same area.The arc of the plumose streaks have changed from recent images indicating an ongoing dust storm.