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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PSLV C29 flight to carry SIX satellites of Singapore on 16th Dec.

Come 16th December 2015, India's workhorse rocket PSLV will carry 6 satellites to space.

Launch will be from First Launch Pad ( FLP ) of Sriharikota and the rocket is Core Alone (  PSLV-CA ) type.

All these satellites are from Singapore and they will be launched in a near equatorial Earth orbit of 550 Kms with an inclination of 6 deg.

 Primary payload is a 400 Kg TeLEOS-1 Satellite. This the 1st Commercial Earth Observatory of Singapore.

Other 5 co-passengers on this flight riding piggyback  are

Velox CI ..  123 Kg ..  Tropical Environment monitoring
Velox II ..  13 Kgs ..  Experimental Communications/GPS
Athenoxat I .. Experimental Remote Sensing Microsatellite
Kent Ridge I ..  78 Kgs ..  VNIR and SWIR Medium resolution Earth obeservation payload
Galassia .. 3.4 Kgs ..  used for Photon Quantum Correlation data acquisition.

Tentative Launch time is 1800 Hrs IST.


A unique feature of this flight is that 46 minutes after all the satellites are launched the 4th stage will Re-start and will remain ignited for 4 seconds.

This may appear to be an insignificant thing but there are technological achievements for ISRO if this happens.

This will provide a capability towards launching satellites in diverse orbits in a single flight.

The critical technological factor is that the engine has to be cooled before the 2nd burn.

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